Yin & Yang


Yin and yang .

It’s all about balancing male and female energies ( SHIV SHAKTI) Yin and Yang are concepts from Indian philosophy representing the dualistic nature of existence, where opposing forces are interconnected and complementary. Rose quartz and red agate crystals are often associated with these principles. Rose quartz is considered a stone of love and harmony, often associated with the Yin energy, ( female) representing receptivity and gentleness. Red agate, on the other hand, is associated with Yang ( male) energy, symbolizing strength and protection. Combining these crystals can be seen as a balance of feminine and masculine energies. People often use them for emotional healing and balance.

Trim the Wick first
Burning Time : 50 Hours
Aroma : Velvet rose
Wax : Soy Wax
Type: Personally Energized Candle

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